Javier Mascherano agrees that it is getting very difficult for him to leave Barcelona.

News broke out a week ago regarding Javier Mascherano agreeing to make a move to Juventus. However, according to a report in the Mirror, the deal is now being blocked by Barcelona. Mascherano’s move to Juventus looks increasingly fragile by the day as the Catalan giants do not want their defender to leave this summer. Mascherano is reportedly not willing to force his move to Juventus as he considers the Barcelona board in high regards and does not want to taint his relation with them. He admits that it could become impossible to complete his move to Juventus this summer.

FC Barcelona vs PSG

“Barca have let me know they have no intention of letting me leave,” he said. “They are really happy with me. And when a club, even more so this club, put these conditions on you, it’s difficult to leave. Above all keeping in mind that I’m not going to force anything. No-one deserves that.”

The 31-year-old Argentinean has a contract with Barcelona that expires in 2018 and the club expects Mascherano to continue with his commitment as they have shared a pleasant relationship ever since his arrival. Mascherano signed from Liverpool in 2010 and since then he’s had a very successful career with the Spanish champions. What initially started just as a rumor became a more concrete interest for Mascherano as he was “weighing up his options”.

Juventus needs to tempt Barcelona to sell Mascherano

Having analyzed the situation, Juventus needs a change in approach by which they are going to land Mascherano. They would need to increase their transfer offer in order to make Barcelona think about the possibility of selling Mascherano. The deal also hinges on the fact how and if at all Barcelona can land their summer transfer targets to bolster their defence. John Stones has been widely linked with a move to the Catalan giants as he has his eyes set on leaving his current club Everton for a greater challenge. It would certainly be a very ambitious move on the part of the young England international if he is able to successfully complete his move to Barcelona. Juventus, the current Serie A champions, have had a recent history of making shrewd deals and signing players who have seemed past their best, but upon arrival at Juventus have found another level and a new lease of life to their footballing career.

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