Opta Sports, a leading sports data company, have calculated what the Premier League table would look like if close calls became deciders.

They hypothesised about a scenario in which shots hitting the posts or crossbar would count as goals, and although the data compiled by them  suggests Arsenal fans would have had reason to rejoice, others would not have fared quite so well. .

The biggest losers in this hypothetical situation would have been current leaders Leicester City. The Foxes would lose 10 points whereas the Gunners would be leading the table on goal difference.

Other teams who would have been on the unfortunate side include Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea. The Red Devils would have seen a drop from fifth position to seventh. Chelsea have had a pretty bad season, but if close calls counted they would have been in 10th position as opposed to 12th.

Tottenham Hotspur have had one of the best seasons in recent years, soaring to second place, seven points behind leaders Leicester City. However, they too would have suffered if the shots hitting the posts and crossbar were counted, getting 10 points less than they have currently and languishing in the sixth position instead of second.

Liverpool second biggest gainers in this hypothetical table

Liverpool are in danger of missing out on European football next season, lying in the 9th position with 45 points. But it would have been another story altogether if their closest attempts had hit the back of the net, instead of the woodwork.

The Reds were the second biggest gainers in this hypothetical table. An extra nine points caused from the shots going in instead of out would have seen Liverpool climb into fifth position, ahead of both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

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