David Beckham hopes to land Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi for his MLS franchise of Miami, which is expected to be up and running for the 2017 season.

Although a long-shot, considering the 28-year-old still figures in the plans of Barcelona and isn’t anywhere near the twilight of his career, Beckham believes that Lionel Messi could prove to be an asset to his club’s success in the foreseeable future.

The ex-Manchester United star has made the arrival of the Argentinean one of his top priorities. Miami has a significant Latin population, and Messi is already a popular figure among them.

Beckham is also looking at other marquee players, but Messi heads the list

David Beckham is looking at a host of other names for a marquee signing to be the face of his new club, and Lionel Messi seems to head that list. Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who enjoys a close relationship with the England star, is also said to be one of the targets for Miami.

With 305 goals in 337 La Liga appearances, Messi is a firm favourite among a large group of people from around the world. His inclusion into Miami’s squad will not only prove to be a big boost for the club’s popularity around the globe, but also its success in Major League Soccer.

The chances of David Beckham being able to sign Messi look slim in the first season of his Miami-based MLS franchise, but the Argentinean will likely be on his radar in the coming years as well, and he may just be able to make a swoop for the footballing legend in subsequent seasons.

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