Speculations about the future have been rife, with John Terry announcing that this might well be his last season at Chelsea (but not his last as a football player).

Chlesea have a policy for their players who are more than 30 years old which entails that their contracts can only be extended by one year. This ensures that the ageing players can easily be phased out, or kept at the club if they are performing well. This is exactly how Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba were dropped. However, the same happening to long-serving club captain John Terry is barely imaginable, even to the most pragmatic of all fans.

Earlier this month, the Chelsea captain revealed that the club authorities have shown no intentions of extending his contract, which is why Terry could be leaving Chelsea by the end of the season. But where would he go, if he were to leave the club he gave his all to?

Well, many possibilities have been named, with the Chinese Super League being considered as a very lucrative option. Other than that, there are the obvious options of the MLS (where his former teammates Lampard and Drogba are currently playing), or UAE, or Qatar.

However, a new name has been added to that list, with many speculating that the Chelsea captain might be trying to get a move to the second club that he supports — Brøndby. The Brøndby rumours were fueled after John Terry started following the Danish club on Instagram, according to Metro. Terry had openly expressed his support for Brøndby in the past.

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“After my matches for Chelsea the first thing I check out is what has happened with Brondby,” he was quoted as saying by Danish news outlet TV2, a couple of years back.

“I want that it goes well for the team and for Jan. He is so passionate about football, and he has already changed a heck lot of things, and they are going up. For me it is great to see.”

Has John Terry become too slow for the Premier League?

The debate about whether Terry is fit enough to play in the Premier League anymore has been raging for a couple of years now, and the 35-year-old has continuously shown his fighting spirit, as he has pounced back into form again and again.

Terry has had injury issues of late, and was benched for a good part of the season by former manager Jose Mourinho, but he has come back admirably since then, to show that he can still perform at the same level in top flight football. However, he suffered another injury in the match against Newcastle United and is currently recovering from it.

The argument about the former England captain having lost his pace with advancing age may not hold much water, as Terry has been one of the defenders who never really had much pace to begin with. Even in his younger days, the Chelsea captain relied more on his strength and on his ability to read the game, rather than on winning a foot-race with the forwards. His ability to read the game has arguably only gotten better over the years.

While it would be sad (especially for the Chelsea faithful) to see Terry go, the Danish football fans (especially the Brøndby fans) would be smacking their lips at the prospect of John Terry lining up in the heart of the defence alongside former Liverpool star Daniel Agger.

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