In a day and age where players’ loyalties can be dictated by transfer fees, Francesco Totti has come to be recognised as a true club legend at AS Roma, However, after 22 years at the Serie A club, Totti admitted being frustrated by a lack of playing opportunities and is contemplating a move away from his boyhood club.

The 39-year-old has enjoyed a stellar career at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, and is considered by many to be the greatest player to ever play for AS Roma. Even in his advanced age, Totti craves action on the field and this is the main motive driving him to consider a move away from the club where he has spent his entire professional career.

“It hurts to be on the bench. I understand at my age that I play less, but ending my career like this is bad for me as a man and what I’ve given to Roma. I demand more respect for all I’ve done here.” Totti said, in an interview with TG1 on Rai TV.

The Italian forward believes that injury is no excuse for putting him on the bench, and that benching him was a tactical decision by Roma manager Luciano Spalletti. Totti said that though the manager backed him to get more game time publicly, it was a different story behind closed doors.

“What is my rapport like with Spalletti? We say ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’. That’s it,” he said.

The King of Rome may surrender his kingdom

Francesco Totti is known as one of the greatest attacking players that Italy has ever produced. The fact that he can still actively compete in the Serie A and is in fact eager to play at the ripe age of 39 is testament to the passion and hunger that he has for the game.

Il Re di Roma has scored 244 goals for Roma, making him the second highest goal scorer of all time in Serie A. Overall he has scored 300 goals in 749 appearances. Totti is also the youngest player to ever captain a Serie A side, and the oldest player to score in the UEFA Champions League. Fransesco Totti has had a long and beautiful footballing career with AS Roma, and it would be tragic for many to see him leave the club he has had such a prolific history with.

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