Liverpool FC striker Daniel Sturridge is contemplating a move away from the club, having grown frustrated by the way the club has portrayed his injury problems.

As per reports in the Telegraph, the first cracks in the relationship between the player and the club have appeared, with strong suggestions that he is prepared to move away from Anfield in summer.

The report cites that the player and his camp are unhappy in the way his injury problems were portrayed by the club.

Klopp’s criticism at the heart of the problem?

Sturridge has played only six games for Liverpool this season, with only 24 games since the wonderful 2013-14 season when he scored 21 goals in the league.

With Liverpool FC struggling without him even this season, new manager Jurgen Klopp had come out and stated that the English international needed to learn the difference between “what is pain and what is serious pain”.

Former manager Brendan Rodgers also displayed increased irritation with the soft attitude of the forward, dropping casual comments such as ‘Daniel needs to play’ on a regular basis.

Steven Gerrard had also revealed that he had to talk Sturridge into playing against Manchester United in his book. The former captain went on to explain the difference between players who would play when 100% fit and ones who would not play only when 100% injured, indicating that Sturridge often needed someone to talk him into playing.

Sturridge’s camp doesn’t seem too happy with those comments by the looks of things, and the player is prepared to leave the club if both parties could agree to the deal, as per the reports.

Sturridge on the way out?

The player’s long-term injury problems began last season in September during an England training session.

Liverpool FC and the medical department have done everything they can to get the player up and running, including trips to Boston for a specialist treatment. With the way the managers, former and current, have come out and stated their opinions on him, it does seem like patience of the club is running thin with the fragile Englishman.

It remains to be seen how it all ends, given that the reports now state that the player and his camp are not too pleased, either. The next three to four months will determine his future, now that he is on the verge of a comeback, again, having returned to training.

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