Liverpool FC’s prominent supporter’s club have called for fans to exit the stadium in the 77th minute against Sunderland at the weekend in a first ever walk out protest planned in the history of the club as anger boils over the new ticket prices.

Spirit of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906, the two most prominent Anfield supporters’ groups have called for fans to leave the stadium in the 77th minute in a bid to protest against the newly released pricing for tickets next season.

Walkout planned

The two groups, who have been in talks with the owners for reducing the ticket prices, have criticised the move to increase ticket prices.

A statement issued by the Spion Kop 1906 group states: “Liverpool think it is acceptable to make more money than ever before from supporters,”

The spokesman of Spirit of Shankly was quoted saying by the Guardian: “There are some small reductions but the news overall is that prices are going up by quite large amounts,.

“This is despite the fact that the club promised to work with supporters’ groups and take their views on board. In dealings we have had with the club the people at Anfield have always been reasonable and approachable, our frustration at these unnecessary price hikes is entirely with the owners. We believe the decision making here has come from Boston [where the Fenway Sports Group is based].”

He added: “There have been demonstrations at Anfield before, but never a walkout protest.

“It is something of a first and we have no idea how it will go, but one thing that is certain is that hundreds of supporters and season-ticket holders are furious about the prices going up again. If as many people walk out as have contacted us over the last couple of days the effect will be noticeable.”

Are the fans right in staging the protest?

Despite massive increase in the  TV revenues, Liverpool FC owners have increased its most expensive season ticket at £1,029 (£54 per game), with the top-priced ticket in the newly reconstructed main stand has been set at £77, up from £59 this season.

Liverpool’s chief executive, Ian Ayre, said it was impossible to please everyone, citing what was affordable for one person is different to another.

However, one look at the ticket pricing at the top clubs and one understands why the fans are so angry.

This, when the Premier League TV revenues are at an all-time high. And with all due respect to the players, Liverpool are not exactly playing football out of the world to ask for those prices, either.

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