Former Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed that he invited his successor Jurgen Klopp to his home, following his announcement as the new manager at Anfield to help him in anyway he can.

Brendan Rodgers was sacked as the Liverpool FC manager earlier in September to be replaced by German boss Jurgen Klopp. Far from having hard feelings for being sacked, the Northern Irishman revealed that he invited his successor over to his house to offer him his help.

Rodgers reveals Klopp talk

Speaking to beIN Sports, as quoted saying by, the former Liverpool FC boss said: “I remember when Klopp first got the job and we sat down and we spoke. We sat and had a chat at my house.

“He’s a good guy. Whatever help he needed going into the job, I was there for that.”

Benteke discussed in the meeting

Brendan Rodgers also went on to add that he and Klopp had a chat about the Belgian international Christian Benteke, who is being heavily criticised by the fans for not fitting into the style of play deployed by the German.

Citing a lack of patience in the Premier League as a major reason for criticism, Rodgers said: “We felt at that time that Christian was up there in terms of goals to games. We felt that he was someone that we didn’t have in the squad. The problem now is the patience element. There doesn’t seem to be time.

“We talk about patience. An example is Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich and he wouldn’t have got the patience in the Premier League that he did in the Bundesliga and now look at him.

“Christian over time will show he’s a top class player.”

Having faced the impatience of the Liverpool FC fans during his tenure, Rodgers may be able to relate to the exact sentiments that Belgian international will be going through at the moment.

The words of encouragement of the former boss and the revelation that the current boss agreed about being patient with the Belgian will be a big boost for the current top scorer of Liverpool FC.

The fans will hope that he can reward their faith in him by delivering on the pitch, sooner than later.

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