Just 48 hours after Atletico Madrid claimed that Fernando Torres could leave at the end of the season if he wants to, club President Enrique Cerezo has admitted he wants Atletico’s prodigal son to stay.

Torres has made more than half of his appearances from the bench this season, and has scored just 2 goals. The 31-year-old will have run out his contract this summer, and manager Diego Simeone has indicated that his former teammate does not feature in the club’s long-term plans.

SL Benfica vs Atletico Madrid

Club President insists Atletico want Torres to stay

While Fernando Torres’s agent has been looking for options all over the world to secure the Spaniard’s future, Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo insists that the club wants to keep hold of El Nino.

“Fernando Torres is, for the moment, an Atletico player,” Cerezo was quoted as saying by ESPNFC.

“We have other problems to take care of day-to-day between the match against Barcelona [this weekend] and the problem with FIFA so you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“What I can say is that Fernando Torres is a star. We have several of them at Atletico and we want to keep him.”

What is the best bet for Fernando Torres?

Like Torres’ agent suggests, the Former Liverpool and Chelsea man has plenty of options available to him. A source close to El Nino also suggested that Torres has spoken to his compatriot David Villa about playing in the MLS. Torres will turn 32 in March, the prime years of his footballing career are behind him, and he will liekly be warming the bench at any of the top European clubs. At such a point in his career, perhaps Torres can make the best of his remaining career as a sportsman by becoming the big fish in a small pond.

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