The weekend defeat at the hands of Southampton has not done Manchester United any good, and the club seems to be in complete disarray with two of its stars reportedly unhappy with things.

Manager Louis van Gaal was reported to have resigned from his post after the defeat to Southampton, but club vice chairman Ed Woodward rebuked the Dutchman for his resignation, and asked him to think it over.

However, reports have surfaced alleging that some of the players at Manchester United are not happy with the way things are going on at the club. The two players in question are winger Ashley Young, and midfielder Marouane Fellaini, according to the Daily Mirror.

It has been reported that the two have been feeling cut off from Van Gaal, with Young reportedly being “furious”, and Fellaini feeling “alienated” at the club. The report also suggested that the discipline within the Manchester United squad is ‘breaking down’ due to all the madness going on around them.

Seemingly unfulfilled Euro ambition behind the discontent?

The report suggests that the two players have been unhappy at the manager’s decisions, which they feel have hindered their chances of taking part in the Euro 2016 later this year. Fellaini was rumoured to have been hoping for a loan move out to a Serie A club, but Van Gaal had reportedly prevented the Belgian from moving out.

It’s a bit different with Ashley Young’s case, as the Englishman has had his fair share of injury issues. However, Young feels that he is fit enough to play, and was quite disheartened to hear his manager declare that he will be a “long time away” due to his groin injury.

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