21-year-old Memphis Depay is not having the best of times at Manchester United, following his much hyped move from PSV Eindhoven, and an expert has suggested that he is not being managed in the correct manner.

Former Wales assistant manager and Dutch fitness expert Raymond Verheijen has spoken out about the Dutch wingers underwhelming performances at Old Trafford, saying that it is a matter of too much pressure being put on him and the manager’s failure to ease him into the scheme of things, instead of throwing him at the deep end.

“There is a very clear correlation between the speed and duration: the volume. That is an objective reference, and based on this you can look at a player like Memphis Depay. He goes from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United, so that means that the speed goes up. The speed of play and in training in the Dutch Eredivisie is lower than at Manchester United, in training and in the games in the Premier League. For Memphis Depay, the treadmill goes faster.”, he said in an interview with squawka.

The expert compared the switch to going from a slower to a much higher speed on the treadmill

Players need to be developed by the manager

Verheijen added that it was not just Memphis, but many young players in football today, who were being mismanaged by the coaches. He believes that though people think that setbacks are a part of the development process for younger players, this would not be the case if they were managed in a proper way by the coaches.

“What should have been done with Memphis Depay and all other young players all around the world is to reduce the volume but in reality, these youngsters are just thrown in the deep and they will gradually become exhausted, their performance will drop and eventually they will get injured.” he said.

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