Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has apparently become a part time language interpreter, as the Portuguese captain explains how he helped Lionel Messi with language issues at the Ballon d’or ceremony.

After the 5-1 thumping of Sporting Gijon on Sunday, Ronaldo addressed the media and inevitably so, the Ballon d’or topic came up. While Ronaldo isn’t always graceful in accepting defeat, the 30-year old was in a jocular mood following Real Madrid’s victory.

‘Messi owes me’

Neither Messi nor Neymar know English, and Ronaldo insisted that he was doing the translations for the Barcelona duo at the Gala in Zurich.

“When we were up there on the stage neither Messi nor Neymar speaks English, and I was their translator,” Ronaldo laughed, as reported by

“I spoke with them later and told them not to forget to pay me later for the translation!”

‘Messi and I have become closer’

The previous eight Ballon d’or’s have been between Ronaldo and Messi, with the former winning the award thrice. Ronaldo opened up about his relationship with Messi, admitting that they’ve gotten closer.

“We have become closer, we have always enjoyed a good relationship but perhaps in the last few years it has become a little closer.”

Will Ronaldo ever win the Ballon d’or again?

After finishing second best to Messi for four consecutive years, Ronaldo bounced back and dethroned the Argentine magician to win the Ballon d’or twice. However, with the Portuguese turning 31 next month and Messi entering his prime at 29, it is unlikely that the physical prowess of Ronaldo will ever overshadow Messi’s genius again.

And of course,  there is a Brazilian legend in the making as well!

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