Former Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers opened up about his Merseyside days, and said that he did not have a good enough squad to do well in the Champions League, once he got his team there.

Instead, Rogers feels that the team that he had the season before could have done much better if the same team had been with him during the Champions League season.

“My sole focus in my three-year contract was to get the club there. We did that in two seasons,” said Rodgers on Sky Sports [via Liverpool Echo].”And when we arrived into the Champions League and we didn’t have a squad as good, I felt, as the previous one. I thought the team we had the year before could have really done something.”

However, the Irishman feels that he has done quite well with the club, as his target was to get the Reds into the Champions League, which he does not fail to mention, he achieved in just two seasons.

“My sole focus when I went to Liverpool was to get into the Champions League. The club was synonymous with winning trophies and I respected that, but I knew what the Champions League meant to the club,” said Rodgers.

Klopp trying to revive the Reds

Liverpool FC are now back where they were before Rodgers had joined the club, in mid-table obscurity. Current manager Jurgen Klopp has been trying to revive the fortunes at the club, but the squad at his disposal seems to be too weak for this season. It would be interesting to see what changes the German makes to the squad, to revive the Reds (if he can at all), and what reinforcements he brings in the upcoming transfer window.

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