Despite leading the game by 5 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo once again made the headlines, albeit for all the wrong reasons, as he lashed out against Nacho Cases in Real Madrid’s 5-1 win over Sporting de Gijon.

Fouled by Nacho Cases, Cristiano Ronaldo was caught on camera kicking the opposition player’s rear end in what appeared to be a blatant foul. However, instead of being sent off for his actions, the Portuguese superstar was awarded a free-kick for Cases’ original offence.

His latest antics has once again brought the spotlight on Ronaldo’s petulant behavior on the pitch as fans took to Twitter to criticize the Real Madrid superstar for his unnecessary actions. Some even wondered as to what the punishment would have been had Luis Suarez similarly kicked out against an opposition player.

Meanwhile, some Barcelona fans were quick to point out a conspiracy theory suggesting that the authorities only targeted the likes of Luis Suarez, Neymar and Lionel Messi in terms of suspensions and punishment.  


Also, it seems as if Cristiano Ronaldo is likley to get away without any retrospective punishment as the Spanish La Liga only takes actions in accordance with the referee’s match report.

Here is a video that clearly shows Cristiano Ronaldo lashing out against Nacho Cases.

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