Although there is no love lost between Manchester United and Liverpool FC, it seems like Reds manager Jurgen Klopp is a big fan of former Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers in Premier League history and Klopp wasted no time in heaping praise upon the former Manchester United man. Judging by Klopp’s latest statement about Ferguson, it appears as if there is mutual respect between the Scotsman and the German. Sir Alex had been vocal about his approval of Klopp’s appointment, even as he voiced his concerns regarding whether Klopp would be able to revive Liverpool’s fortunes after taking over at Anfield. Speaking ahead of the game against Manchester United, Klopp likened the former Manchester United manager to Beatles star John Lennon.

“I had a few really good moments with Sir Alex. It’s a big honour to talk to Sir Alex. For a manager it’s nearly the best thing you can do, to sit there and listen. I needed 10 minutes to understand what he was saying and then it was OK. Maybe he is the greatest ever, the John Lennon of football or something like this. From my side there is a big amount of respect. What he did in his life as a manager is not easy for someone else to do it”, he was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

‘Jorge, leave it with me.'

Klopp’s first experience of the Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry

Jurgen Klopp will have his first taste of the Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry this Sunday at Anfield and he seems primed and ready for the mouth-watering clash. The German talked about his experiences with counterpart Louis van Gaal and also compared the clash to the Dortmund-Schalke derbies that he played such a huge role in back in Germany.

The latest Liverpool manager is excited for his biggest rival clash in the Premier League, which he believes will be action packed, saying that “I love derbies to be honest. It’s the salt in the soup. They are the best matches to perform.”

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