Manchester United got yet another draw in the Premier League against Newcastle United, but manager Louis van Gaal seems to have a few harsh words for the referee, who gave the Magpies a penalty.

In the views of the Dutchman, the referee awarded Newcastle the penalty for absolutely “nothing” at all, as Aleksandar Mitrovic was brought down inside the box.

“The referee gives a penalty for nothing,” Van Gaal was quoted as saying by BBC.

Manchester United were in fact 2-0 ahead at one point in the  match, and threw away their lead, to draw the match 3-3. Van Gaal believes that this was a poor display by his side, and that this result almost felt like a loss.

“Of course it feels like a defeat. We have given it away,” said Van Gaal. “We threw it away, I have told that to my players. It is a duel I think and you cannot decide who is worse.”

Better football

However, the one positive thing on show on Tuesday night was the fact that the Red Devils had played a much better game than they had for most of this season. While this can be due to the fact that they were playing away from home, where the pressure on the players’ shoulders is not much, Manchester United must now look to transfer this good performance into results, to keep their demanding fans appeased.

Even Manchester United legend Paul Scholes agreed that the Red Devils had been far better than their usual boring selves, and that they should keep this performace up.

“Loads better. Tonight that was like watching a Manchester United team,” said Scholes. “Okay, they didn’t win but they should have won, really.”

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