Liverpool FC held Arsenal FC to an entertaining 3-3 draw last night, but manager Jurgen Klopp felt his side could have avoided letting in some of the ‘easy goals’ they conceded.


Liverpool FC meeting Arsenal FC at Anfield promises goals galore. The last 10 outings have produced 41 goals, and it is now 47 in 11 games at the famous stadium.

Whilst the brilliance of Roberto Firmino and Olivier Giroud’s finishing was a delight to watch in the evening, the night would have not been as entertaining if not for some terrible defending from Liverpool FC defenders.

The defensive problems at Anfield are well documented right from the days of manager Brendan Rodgers and it is one of the primary problems Jurgen Klopp has to address in order to ensure success at Anfield.

Klopp lets his defenders know exactly what he thinks of their defending

Klopp is known to be a manager who wears his heart on the sleeve. And following the draw, he minced no words, slating his side for conceding easy goals against the Gunners.

He was quoted saying by ESPN FC:

The players did well and we had more opportunities, we [caused] big problems for Arsenal, made the goals, but we [conceded] easy goals, to be honest.

“The first one, again, a set play. Second one, I think Giroud is on the ground and we are more influenced by this situation than Arsenal, and that’s of course not too clever and it’s an easy goal for them again.

“I think it’s not offside, but when it’s not offside in the six-yard box something is wrong in the defending.

“Third goal again we lose the ball too easily then it’s well done by Giroud.”

Klopp satisfied with a point

The German did acknowledge that the draw on the night was a fair result.

“We did it and I think it’s deserved in a spectacular game. So we can be satisfied — against Arsenal a point is OK… In a few situations in the game I thought, ‘We have to win.’ But then I thought we could lose, so a point is OK.”

The German’s pressing game has come under scrutiny, with Sam Allardyce recently suggesting the hamstring injuries to players are caused by the intensive training and pressing style of Klopp’s game.

Speaking about the energy levels of his players, Klopp added: “It’s like a battery: at the beginning it’s full and you play well, and you know it goes lower and lower. It was difficult for both teams with rain, snow and everything, and it’s clear you cannot play your best passes in the last few minutes.

“You need what we did — good ball to Christian, good header and then Joe, he really deserved the goal. So in this moment it’s an explosion of goals. But you cannot ignore that a few things were not too good, so we’ll have to speak about this and we will.”

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