Manchester United put in another tepid display against minnows Sheffield United in the FA Cup, winning 1-0 as a result of a last gasp penalty, and former legend Paul Scholes claims he would’ve gone into depression playing for this team.

The former Manchester United midfielder has not been one to mince his words when it comes to criticism of their current style of play and lashed out again after the lucky 1-0 win over Sheffield United, thanks to an extra time penalty scored by Wayne Rooney.

“As players, you have to lift the crowd – we saw Memphis lift the crowd in the 70th minute with a shot, okay it wasn’t on target, but it gets you going, you need to make something happen as a footballer at this club,” Scholes said, according to BT Sport.

“People need digging out sometimes, there seems to be an acceptance of bad performance. “I’d have my head in my hands, I’d be depressed, it’d take me two or three days to get over that performance.

No goals for Manchester United

Paul Scholes added that everyone at the club looked bored with what was going on and that despite trying to look at the bright side, he believes there is no defending a team that has failed to inspire their fans.

“What inspires them now? You’ve just seen 90 minutes of boring, defensive. I tried to defend this team for the last two or three weeks, it’s getting more and more difficult to do, every time you come to Old Trafford this is what you see – negative football. You talk about 31 shots in the last two games, they’ve only scored two goals.”