Wayne Rooney recently spoke about all things related to Star Wars and named his Spanish teammate as Master Yoda, as well as calling Alan Stubbs his Jedi master.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the latest installment in the wildly popular Star Wars series of films, and it looks like the mania has made its way to the footballing world too. Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney was recently asked about the film in relation to the world of football, and he had some interesting answers.

“My footballing Yoda would be Juan Mata,” he said, according to goal.com.

“He is very talented. He’s small, obviously like Yoda, and he’s very intelligent on and off the pitch. In some ways he’s a bit of a genius, so I think him and Yoda fit perfectly.”

Rooney also gave a shout out to one of his mentors from his days at Everton FC, former English centre-back Alan Stubbs.

“If you look at me as a young player, my Jedi Master was certainly Alan Stubbs. He was someone I looked up to and still do.”

The Force within the pitch

Rooney also spoke on his take on which Star Wars characters would make it into his team, if he had to choose between them.

“Chewbacca could probably play centre half and goalkeeper in one, to be honest, with the size of him,” he said.

“I’d probably put Yoda in the midfield. He’s intelligent, he can control the game, he can control things. Alongside me up front, I’d probably put BB-8, he’s quick and can beat the offside trap.”

Sorry Anthony Martial, looks like Rooney wants a different strike partner to help bang in the goals that Manchester United so desperately need.