A video showing a hilarious sequence of events after two players tried to recreate Cruyff’s famous penalty has emerged from South America.

Messi and Suarez surprised everyone when they recreated the penalty back in February during a 6-1 win over Celta Vigo. After Lionel Messi won a penalty, the Argentinian stepped up to take it only to pass it to his right, where Suarez was charging forward. The goalkeeper was understandably confused and Suarez tapped it home to score the goal.

In an exhibition match in South America, two players –  Andres D’Alessandro and Sebastian Abreu – tried to recreate the penalty and chaos broke loose. Abreu decided to simply step on the ball as he ran up to take it, instead of passing it to the left, and D’Allesandro – who was unable to reach the ball in time – goes crashing into an opposing player who rather amusingly body-checks him blatantly.

The referee awarded them another penalty for the incident. This time, D’Allesandro stepped up to take it and buried it into the net without attempting any funny business.

A video of the entire incident can be seen below :

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