Los Blancos won a record eleventh European Cup, emerging victorious over their cross-city rivals Atletico Madrid on penalties.

San-Siro, the occasion is Champions League final in 2016. Real Madrid were 1-0 up, but Atletico Madrid were always knocking on the doors.

So at half-time, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to take matters into his hands and gave a rousing speech addressing the team in the dressing room.

Atletico Madrid equalized through Yannick Carrasco in the second half. Real Madrid fought valiantly, eventually lifting the cup on penalties, with Ronaldo scoring the decisive last kick to make it 5-3.

The transcript:

“Listen, I want to tell you something: We’re 45 minutes away from writing history!

Fatigue is sometimes only a headache. We have to play again for 45 minutes. We can do this because we are in a good mood.

We’re just 45 minutes from writing history!

We defend, as we did in the first half.

Come on, let’s go together! Relax and hold together – we got this, we’ll grab it. You will see!”

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