After releasing their home kit to such disastrous feedback, with many fans horrified at the ‘Pyjama’ kit and the price tag in equal measure, Chelsea released their away kit to a little less harsher response.

However, this kit didn’t receive half the backlash of their home kit. There were some fans who actually liked it and expressed their desire to purchase it, which is better than nothing for the Blues. But there was a sense of Deja Vu as it did end up look something like a ‘pjyama’ kit, just in s more subtle manner.

Chelsea’s chief designer even gave a little video of what they were going for, and what the inspiration was for this black,grey and neon kit.

We reckon he didn’t have to look too far though, as one fan pointed out.

We can see what this fan meant.

IT wasn’t all that bad though,

Well this fan is certainly going to get it, and defiantly too.

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