Leicester have announced on their official website that Jamie Vardy has decided to stay with the defending champions and has agreed to extend his contract for further 4 years.

Arsenal had reportedly activated James Vardy’s release clause worth around £22M on June 3, 2016. Jamie Vardy had asked for some time to think over the decision and had reiterated that the decision was to be announced most likely after the Euros.

Leicester City have now, through an official statement on the club’s website, announced that Jamie Vardy has decided to reject the offer from the Gunners and agreed to extend his contract for a further 4 years. however,  Arsenal fans carried mixed emotions  when Arsenal  had activated Vardy’s release clause.

They had words of admiration, today, when Vardy extended  his contract with Leicester –

But, the trolls were out in large to mock Arsenal and their fans after Jaime Vardy refused them to stay at Leicester.

Arsenal fans weren’t ones to be left behind.

Want to hear a joke ? Arsenal.

Arsenal fans had rejoiced to the news of the Gunners activating Vardy’s release clause after the signing of Swiss sensation Granit Xhaka. This news is sure to disappoint a lot of them as Arsenal now look to resume their search for a world-class striker.

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