Sergio Agüero has made a name for himself as one of the best strikers in world football, and this clip of him scoring for Independiente as a 16-year-old tyro leaves nobody in doubt about his talent


The Manchester City man has gone on to achieve a lot — both individually and with his team — since making the move to Europe to further his career, but it appears everybody in Argentina was probably well aware of his potential long before Europe and the rest of the world found out.

Recently, a clip of a 16-year-old Agüero running riot in the Argentine first division has been doing the rounds on the internet. The video shows the City striker humiliating half a team as he dribbles the ball from within his own half all the way to the opposition penalty area, before firing a typically accurate finish in the bottom corner with his weaker foot.

Here is a video of that incredible solo goal

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