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“We Are Tidying Up Mourinho’s Mess” Rafael Benitez’s Wife

Rafa Benitez has joined Real Madrid to tidy up another mess of Jose Mourinho as per the wife of the Spanish manager. Rafael Benitez replaced Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid after joining from Napoli earlier this summer, and in the process, has now managed a former Jose Mourinho club for the third time having previously taken charge at Inter Milan and Chelsea FC Cleaners of Mourinho’s mess Benitez’s wife Montserrat Seara joked that it seems almost fated that her husband  should continue to join clubs managed by the Portuguese manager.  “We tidy up his messes,” she joked, speaking to La Region. “If you think about it, of course you end up crossing paths. There are only a few world-class clubs out there.” Rafa explained 4-4-2 to me on our first date Benitez’s wife is a law professor and says her husband’s infamous obsession for the game remains unabated despite the difficult circumstances of his time with Napoli. “On our first date, Rafa explained […] Read more »