World Cup’10: TOP 10 “What The Eff Are They Doing In Africa?”

The days leading to football's biggest stage is always fraught with news and opinions related to the selection of the national squads for the World Cup, and this year's tournament is no different from the previous editions. TheHardTackle's Akarsh Sharma lists down the top 10 people who should have not been on the flight to South Africa but were lucky otherwise.

The fate of matches is decided by smaller battles taking place on the field. Berti Vogts doing a job on Johann Cryuff in 1974, Claudio Gentile shackling Maradona in 1982 or Lev Yashin pulling off one save after another to deny Brazil’s legendary forward line in 1958….world cup games have often been decided by such key clashes. THT’s Somnath Sengupta takes a look at the potential clashes in group games for 2010 world cup.

World Cup’10: TOP 10 Nations Missing From The African Party..

A look at the biggest names that will be absent from the African safari. It's almost time for the commencement of the biggest sporting spectacle in the world, which sees 32 of the best nations compete. However, there are quite a few big names missing from Africa's first ever World Cup. TheHardTackle's Akarsh Sharma looks at the top nations missing from this year's event.