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Indian Super League: Is This The End Of I-League?

Progeny of IMG-Reliance, The Indian Super League is set to captivate the hearts of many. In all this hustle and bustle, the country’s national league, has been shunned to the shadows. With days left to go for the biggest Football event the country has ever seen, or for that matter the continent has ever seen ,The Hard Tackle takes a look a look at the effects of the Indian Super League,the high profile counterpart of the I-League, on Indian Football as a whole. The organizers received around 30 ‘Invitation to bid’(ITB) document purchases within 3rd to 21st March , 2014 which is by far the biggest response any franchise based event has got In the country. The franchisees were not awarded solely on the basis of finance , but there was a novelty factor included , which meant that the franchises had to produce a plan of developing Football and building proper infrastructure in their catchment area . This will certainly […] Read more »