Can Stuttgart frustrate Dortmund again?

Bundesliga: Stuttgart Try to Stay Up, BVB Seize Momentum | Matchday 31

There are only four matches to go in the Bundesliga, and much is still to be decided. Who will avoid the drop? Will it be league dinosaur, Hamburg, or shaky VfB Stuttgart? Will Schalke overtake Dortmund for second? Matchday 31 will tell. Stuttgart Face Uphill Battle Against Schalke It’s not over until it’s over. For VfB Stuttgart, this cliché is all too unfortunately true. Hanging precariously over the drop in 15th place—only one point above Hamburg and two points above Nürnberg—Stuttgart’s season has come to be defined by an uncanny ability to concede goals in the dying minutes of a match. In their last 10 games, they have won only twice, but also only failed to score twice (both resulting in defeats). In the other six matches (three losses and three draws), the Swabians were either leading or tied until the last 10 minutes before conceding a last-gasp goal (or two) to drop three points rather gain one (against Dortmund, […] Read more »


UCL Five Things: Eto’o & Ronaldo’s Battle For Fitness, Cavani & Lewandowski In Limelight

On Tuesday night, 2 of the 4 teams that will take part in the Semi-Finals for the Champions League Trophy will emerge. Chelsea FC will host a Paris Saint-Germain side that beat them 3-1 in the first leg, while Borussia Dortmund will need to overturn Real Madrid's 3-0 victory. Read more »


Despite Bayern dominance all is not well in the Bundesliga

Bayern Munich are the best football club in the world presently but if the current state of German teams in Europe are taken into account then it can be safely assumed that all is not well in the Bundesliga. Economically speaking Germany is supposed to be a superpower, especially if the discussion is limited to the European Union. It is deemed to be the only country in the EU which has managed to stave off recession, atleast amongst the countries that matter. But on deeper introspection all of this could be a mere illusion as Germany is ageing and shrinking and will soon be overtaken by France and Britain, in terms of population. It is also primarily a manufacturing based economy whereas the rest of the world seems to be migrating towards services. Immigrants are also not welcome in this part of the world and the locals’ grasp of English leaves a lot to be desired as well. So while […] Read more »