Well, Lionel Messi won the FIFA Ballon d'Or , beating final challengers Cristiano Ronaldo and his own FC Barcelona teammate Neymar. This was the fifth time the Argentine star won the award, and with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo giving him stiff competition, having won the award three times.

We miss the buildup, the passing, the precision that precede a goal, as much as we do the ensuing ecstasy and the tailor-made celebrations. With goals galore all across Europe this past season, it’s hard to recall one particular move of exquisite beauty. We’ve done that for you, and now all you need to do is pick the one that defined an entire season. Can a goal make (or break) someone’s career? We’re eager to hear what you have to say. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao, Copa del Rey final) FC Barcelona’s star attacker Lionel Messi scored a fantastic goal against Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final last month. Barcelona had won the game 3-1 to lift the title and Messi had scored the opening goal. The Argentine genius ran down the right flank where he was marked by three opponent players. He dodged past one of them, nutmegged another defender and entered the penalty box. […]

In the world of football where statistics are dominated by goalscorers and accolades reserved for the ones with a nose for the opponent’s net, goalkeepers are a different breed. They seldom cross their own half, are often left alone in their goal (at least for the good teams) and at the end of the day, everybody remembers how many you let in. Goalkeepers may not win teams games but they can surely save them for their team. A good goalkeeper can make the difference between hanging onto a hard fought victory or meekly surrendering the lead and allowing the game to peter out into a tame draw. THT takes a look at the best goalkeepers in the world over the 2014/15 season. David de Gea (Manchester United; Spain) – 78 saves, 11 clean sheets The 24 year old goalkeeper of Spanish origin has been key to United achieving their aim of a top four finish this season. Whether it was […]

High-quality football was played all around Europe in the season just concluded. Ai??It was a season that saw the mighty Barcelona become the first team in history to lift a second European treble, when the Scudetti fell agonizingly short, nonetheless with heads held high, as Juventus brought back Italian football to its former European glory.Ai?? Several fresh footballing philosophies were practiced on the pitch and a host of other young, dynamic, bold managers earned the due recognition in the European football circuit. However, years later when a particular season is being referred to in retrospect, the primary talking point more often than not is some of the most memorable games the season had to offer. Ai??There are a number of parameters to judge a game of football. Ai??While we all love to see exciting, scintillating pieces of action on the field, there are several other considerations too that one must not neglect while judging the quality of a game. Ai??Managerial […]