Dietmar Hamann exclaimed Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge and Manchester United youngster Marcus Rashford were the only two players to have emerged with positives from the game. The Three Lions slumped to a heartbreaking exit from the European Championships after a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Iceland, a nation whose total population comes to around 3.3 Lakhs. The exit meant another disappointing campaign in a major tournament for England despite having one of the best and most well-rounded team in the whole event.

Britain’s decision to leave Europe has sent shock waves around the world. While the economy stagnates and the pound falls, the move to ‘leave’ the EU could cause massive changes in the Premier League. Despite their multi-million wages and fancy cars, Premier League footballers are first and foremost employees of their respective clubs. Those who originate from outside Britain were previously allowed free movement into England’s top flight. With the decision to cede from the union, clubs will now have to attain work permits and constantly renew contracts to keep their top European stars. FA Chairman Greg Dyke told BBC Sport, “Clubs could suddenly find players are much more expensive because the pound is worth less.” The effect of this has already been noted in Manchester United’s pursuit for Henrikh Mkhitariyan, as Dortmund initial valuation has risen in terms of pounds, while remaining the same in Euros. Until the pound climbs back to a position of stability and security, net values of top Premiership clubs […]