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Why Serie A Clubs Need To Take The Europa League Seriously

The group stage of the Champions League and Europa League concluded with all the six Serie A teams advancing to the knockout stages. AS Roma finished third in their group and as a result were ‘relegated’ to Europe’s second tier competition, the Europa League. While the exit was definitely a disappointment, for the sake of Italy’s coefficient it could be a blessing. A move down to the Europa League will not yield the same financial package or prestige rewards but it presents an opportunity to improve their club ranking which might allow them to move from Pot 4 to 3 or maybe even 2. The other benefit if they go deep into the competition is that it will yield more co-efficient points. Portugal surpassed Italy briefly for one year which in turn gave them better seeding for the draws this term, however the way the ranking system works, Italy will return to number four at the end of this year […] Read more »


FC Start: Legend Of The Gallant Eleven

There are things which plague the human spirit, things such as war, famine, death - powerful enough to subdue the strongest man amongst us. Then there are things which energize the human spirit, things such as inspiration, motivation, a positive impulse - powerful enough to bolster the weakest man amongst us. Read more »


Chelsea FC: Is Their Next Superstar Going To Be One Of Their Own?

“He’s one of our own, He’s one of our own; Harry Kane, he’s own of our own”, chanted the White Hart Lane crowd as Waltham’s very own Harry Kane ran the show in the match against Chelsea early on in January. While we are sure that Spurs fans do not need to be reminded of that match, the Blues fans will want to quickly erase any memory of that, as soon as possible. However, that got us thinking. Will Chelsea fans ever get a chance to sing that song at Stamford Bridge? After all, it has been a very long time since a good old London boy got through the ranks at Chelsea and made a lasting impact on the fans. The last one, as one can recollect, has been John Terry – who admittedly was not born in West London neither was he a boyhood Chelsea fan, but he did get through the ranks at the youth setup in […] Read more »