So often histories can hinge on a small turn of events, whereby the seemingly innocuous tumbles out of control and comes to represent a watershed moment: Newcastleai??i??s 1-2 defeat at the hands of Reading last Saturday felt like a watershed moment at St Jamesai??i?? Park. Too often this season the fans have left the stadium in disconsolate mood but this time was different; anxiety had turned to anger after a lacklustre display and a senseless substitution that may be talked about for years to come. With the game at 1-0 to Newcastle, the oldest footballing dilemma in the book presented itself. Would a nervy Newcastle, desperate for a win, get the jitters and begin to defend their own 18 yard line, or would they have the character to keep on playing and increase the deficit against a team second from bottom who hadnai??i??t won away all season. Just after the all-important hour mark, the substitutions board lit up and the […]