For years now, Manchester United’s attacking incisiveness has been associated with wing play, yet it seems like the time for wingers at Old Trafford may finally be up.   A lot of Manchester United fans today would struggle to remember a time when Ryan Giggs did not play for their club, or a time when someone like David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo was not tearing down opposition flanks to devastating effect. Manchester United’s game was in fact characterized by the counter attack, Ai??breaking through one of the wings before a blistering run ended in a cross and a goal at the opposite end. So much was the terror of this wing play that many opponents chose to play defensive midfielders even in wide positions to curb this style while others simply stood and watched aghast as their goal was attacked.Ai??This trend, however, has been changing for a while now.Ai??As harsh or biased as it may sound, the demise of wing […]