As Chelsea resumes its pursuit of Champions League later tonight, TheHardTackle takes a look at this captivating and heart-breaking story. Despite coming excruciatingly close on as many as five occasions, the Stamford Bridge club has failed to win the trophy. Will this season by any different?

Chelsea’s Corner: Thin Squad, Is It?

Is the Chelsea squad for season 2010-11 good enough to compete for honors in England and in Europe? After an exodus of monumental proportions, questions are being raised about the lack of depth in the squad. Is there a real cause for concern or does Carlo Ancelotti has all bases well covered? TheHardTackle analyzes the squad in detail and tries to answer a few questions..

THT Travesty: Carlito’s Way

A Chelsea FC fan questions Carlo Ancelotti on a suspicious run of results, and alleged strange behavior on the part of the club's stars.

Premier League Round-Up : Business As Usual

It was business as usual for most sides, as the Barclays Premier League kicked off after a draining World Cup schedule. Chelsea and United romped to victories, while Liverpool and Arsenal let opportunities slip.