The Music of the FIFA World Cup

With the World Cup poised to enter the quarter-final stage, and all the melting-pot related cliches exhausted; one might be forgiven for overlooking the influence global music has had on the tournament - and vice versa. The tournament, while serving obviously as an arena for those with gifted feet to showcase their talent, has also been a stage for an assorted array of global talents to take us on a Sony Music Entertainment-sponsored musical journey through the ages.

In Part-2 of the series, TheHardTackle's Somnath Sengupta analyzes how Brazilian football became more defensive in the 90s and how the new tactics have led Brazil to a successful return to the pinnacle of the beautiful game, and concludes his observations with a comparison of Brazil's changing formation and tactics in different World Cups.

This world cup was touted to be a giant leap forward for African football. Sadly, it didn't turn out that way. Five of the six African nations packed their bags in the very first round. Ghana, has slowly but steadily, crept into the last eight. THT's Somnath Sengupta anyalyzes there performance till now and evaluates their chances to reach semi-final.

Brazil, the most successful nation has long been lauded as the team that plays most attractive football. But is this epithet completely correct in last two decades ? THT's Somnath Sengupta takes a cynical look at recent Brazilian teams, and compares them with the older teams. In Part-1 let us looks at the historical context of Brazil's association with Joga Bonito

THT Travesty: The Inside Tales Of The Premier League

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