The rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United has probably reached a dilute state with the former not offering enough challenge in the English league over the past few years. But, nonetheless, they have played some fiercely competitive matches in the past which includes some of the best ones in the oldest football tournament in the world, the FA Cup. TheHardTackle picks up five of their best matches in the FA Cup.

Man United’s Corner: Scot Ferguson V/S The World

Sir Alex Ferguson is in a media storm on for the umpteenth time, TheHardTackle explains how the Scot has over the years taken on the media and come out unscathed. Will history repeat itself all over again?

Lazio Track and Field club is the largest of its kind in the world and S.S. Lazio is the football club from it. We, at TheHardTackle take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about their colorful past and how they won their second Scudetto. This is the journey of the Eagles, a journey of their struggles.

Dynamo Kiev or Dynamo Kyiv has been one of the behemoths of Eastern European football since it's inception. Almost unchallenged in USSR or Ukraine football, the club has also had it's fair share of European glory. TheHardTackle tracks down the colourful history of one of Europe's elite clubs.