Tottenham have always had an abundance of talent in their squad. However, lack of a tactical manager and an impatient Chairman, who fired the last manager well ahead of time, have resulted in their sub-standard performances. What should Pochettino do, if he wishes to keep his job and bring Tottenham to higher grounds? ai???This season we are going to beat those Gooners, this is our year, weai??i??re gonna get to that Champions League spotai???, is a statement that has been all too common from Spurs fan world over. But come mid way to the season, most Tottenham fans are lurking in the shadows, hoping that they don’t lose another manager. The Lonely Striker Kane has been the find of the season and his introduction into the team has not only sent shivers down the opponentai??i??s spine but also injected into the Tottenham side, some spirit which they have lacked in recent games. However his performance has been credible only when […]