Juventus vs Barcelona has been a rare fixture as of late, the two sides havena t faced each other in a competitive fixture in over 12 years, but the battle between the black and white vs the red and blue will remerge once more, this time in the Champions League Final in Berlin this week. THT reviews a classic game between these two iconic clubs one day before the big final in Berlin. So ita s April 22nd, 2003 at the Camp Nou for the second leg following a 1-1 draw two weeks prior at the Stadio delle Alpi. Both sides were having contrasting fortunes in their respective domestic campaigns, Juve were sitting top of the Serie A table, six points ahead of Inter and had beaten Roma the previous weekend. Having earned a morale-boosting but energy-sapping 1-1 draw at Real Madrid CF on Saturday, Barcelona were feeling the strain; but their Serbian coach was adamant that his side’s busy […]