Following yet another defeat in the Premier League, Louis van Gaal and his team were booed out of Old Trafford as the fans expressed their anger with the team’s performance.

More than the defeat, the fact that Manchester United once again failed to score a goal probably hurt the fans more than losing three crucial points.

Manchester United have been pilloried by the Old Trafford faithful who to a large extent stood strong by their Dutchman. But with the team showing no improvement in front of the goal, the crowd has increasingly taken to booing their own side, often asking them to ‘attack’ the opposition instead of retaining possession.

No goals at Old Trafford

While the matter of booing your own side is still up for debate (Real Madrid fans, are you reading this?), Manchester United fans can be excused for venting their frustration at Louis van Gaal after reading this statistic.

Manchester United currently ranks 18th-19th (jointly with Swansea City), in terms of goals scored in home matches.

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Waiting for a goal

Waiting for a goal

That’s right. Manchester United have scored just 12 goals in 11 home games. Only Aston Villa have scored fewer goals (8) at home this season. Arsenal have scored 16 in 11 games while Manchester City lead the charts with 33 goals in 12 home games.

You can only score if you take a shot on target

If you thought that was bad, this statistic will knock you off your perch, erm, seat.

There is a reason why David Gill decided to skip Manchester United’s home game against Southampton last weekend.

Finally a positive for Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay is the only Manchester United player to have scored a goal at Old Trafford this season in the first half of the game. In 11 home games, not only have Manchester United scored only 12 goals, they have scored just one goal in the first half of all the games.

Manchester United did lead in the first half in the opening fixture of the English Premier League but unfortunately for the home supporters, the goal came from Kyle Walker who unwittingly directed the ball into his own net.

Good news for Memphis, bad news for United

Good news for Memphis, bad news for United

Memphis Depay’s goal came against Sunderland on September 26th in a game that Manchester United won 3-0.

Interestingly for United, the goal came in the injury time of the first half, which means that had Depay failed to find the back of the net, United would still be looking to score a first-half goal at Old Trafford.

The game also saw Wayne Rooney end a 999 minute barren run in the Premier League.

Total goals scored

Manchester United have scored 28 goals in the Premier League this season, with only 8 teams scoring fewer goals than Louis van Gaal’s side.

These 8 team includes Bournemouth (27), Watford (27), Newcastle United (25), Crystal Palace (24), Stoke City (24), West Bromwich (22), Swansea City (20), and Aston Villa (18).

What about the points?

Following their 1-0 defeat against Southampton, Manchester United have recorded their lowest point tally in their Premier League history. With just 37 points to show for from 23 games, Van Gaal is currently worse off than David Moyes who had racked up 40 points at this stage in the 2013-14 season.

Sky Sports detailed some other embarrassing statistics for Manchester United and Louis van Gaal this season.

In fact, in their 138 year history, in only eight seasons have Manchester United scored fewer goals after 23 matches.

Van Gaal has the worst win percentage of any Manchester United manager in the Premier League era – just 49.2 per cent.

Van Gaal: Hitting rock bottom

Van Gaal: Hitting rock bottom

Judging Louis van Gaal from these statistics, it will not be far-fetched to say that the Dutchman has taken the club a step back following his first season in charge at Old Trafford. In fact to say that the club has taken a ‘step back’ this season would be an understatement given the team’s track record under Louis van Gaal.

As reported earlier, it is only fair to understand why David Gill is currently disappointed with Louis van Gaal, considering that the club spent £250m on new recruits following the Dutchman’s appointment.

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