According to reports published by Marca, Manchester United target Gareth Bale is set to extend his contract at Real Madrid in an attempt to ward off interest from England.

The Welshman was signed from Tottenham Hotspur as Cristiano Ronaldo’s heir apparent, and it seems as if he is set to take over the reins at the Spanish capital in the months to come.

Gareth Bale has been the subject of much interest as leaked documents reveal that he was signed for a total fee of €100,759,418, making him the most expensive player in Europe. The Welshman was repeatedly targeted by Manchester United who are reportedly keen on signing the Real Madrid superstar in an attempt to bolster their attacking prowess.

Wheels are in motion, claim Marca

As reported by Marca, Real Madrid have initiated the process to extend Gareth Bale’s contract at the club. The new deal will reportedly reflect his importance in the dressing room as he is being groomed to eventually replace Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad.

The new deal will reportedly reflect his importance in the dressing room

The new deal will reportedly reflect his importance in the dressing room

Not only would the improved contract reflect ‘his standing’ at the club, it would also secure his services in the light of the interest being generated by the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

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Transfer ban likely to put an end to Manchester United’s pursuit

In the light of the sanctions imposed by FIFA on the two clubs from Madrid, the club hierarchy is expected to tie up its star players with improved contracts in order to keep the squad intact for the coming season. The club has previously extended the contracts of Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Varane and Marcelo and it is likely to extend its tie with Gareth Bale for the near future.

Florentino Perez’s favourite in the dressing room, Gareth Bale would prove to be a difficult target for Manchester United, especially since the club will be unable to bring in any prospective replacement in the light of the recent transfer ban.

Gareth Bale set to stay in Madrid

Gareth Bale set to stay in Madrid

The recent fiasco linking Keylor Navas and David de Gea in an exchange deal will further propel Real Madrid to ward off interest from the English club. The failed transfer negotiations left a bad taste for both clubs involved with Madrid bearing the brunt of it. Not only were they unable to sign their most high-profile target of the summer, the club was also subjected to much embarrassment as United revealed that ‘failed paperwork’ resulted in the breakdown of the transfer process.

Tottenham will be given priority in the Premier League should Bale leave Madrid

Gareth Bale’s recently leaked contract details at Real Madrid reveal that Tottenham Hotspur have the right to ‘buy-back’ the star winger should the Welshman decide to leave the Spanish capital. As reported by DailyMail, Real Madrid are legally required to inform Tottenham of any interest for Gareth Bale.

Leaked by Football Leaks, Gareth Bale’s contract at the club supposedly reads as: ‘In the event that TOTTENHAM does match the Third Party Offer, Real Madrid shall be required to accept TOTTENHAM’S offer in preference to any other offers received (including any higher offers received following Real Madrid’s receipt of the Third Party Offer) and transfer the Player as soon as possible in the first available FA Registration Period to TOTTENHAM.’

Manchester United will have to give up on signing the Welsh wizard

Manchester United will have to give up on signing the Welsh wizard

This revelation further enhances Real Madrid’s grip on their star player despite Manchester United’s interest. Even if Ed Woodward and co were to secure a deal with the player and club alike, Tottenham Hotspur will be given a preference over its English rivals.

Hence, in the light of the leaked documents and the transfer sanctions imposed on Real Madrid, it seems that Manchester United will have to eventually give up any hopes of bringing Gareth Bale to Old Trafford. While United are banking on fellow Welshman Ryan Giggs to lure Bale to the club, it remains highly unlikely that we will see the winger take on defenders for the Red Devils in the near future.

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