To compound Real Madrid’s troubles, FIFA has slammed a transfer ban on the two big clubs from Madrid in an attempt to curb illegitimate transfer practices in Europe.

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Reminiscent of the manner in which the ban was imposed on Barcelona, FIFA has prohibited Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid from signing new players in the two subsequent transfer windows.

However, while this transfer ban is designed chiefly to affect the two clubs from Madrid, it could spur them on to a shopping spree that could disturb the balance in Europe. In order to remain competitive next season, the two clubs will look to invest heavily in the current transfer window. In doing so, they could end up disturbing the plans that are being laid out by other clubs in their preparation for the upcoming season.

So as FIFA bans Real Madrid from participating in the subsequent transfer windows, here are three players Florentino Perez is likely to target in order to strengthen his team before the transfer ban kicks in.

Eden Hazard

Rafael Benitez’s sacking was an indirect consequence of the fact that the manager failed to derive the best from Real Madrid’s attacking trio comprising Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale. While the French striker has been phenomenal this season, Ronaldo’s performance leaves a lot to be desired with reports linking him to a move away from Spain this summer.

Eden Hazard favoured by Zinedine Zidane

Eden Hazard favoured by Zinedine Zidane

In the wake of their recent transfer ban, Real Madrid will be looking to reinforce their attacking abilities and hence could speed up the transfer procedure for Eden Hazard. Thirty years old and counting, Cristiano Ronaldo is not expected to continue with Los Blancos for long and it will not be surprising to see Zinedine Zidane push for the Belgian star in the coming weeks. While Eden Hazard’s current contract extends till 2020, the fact that Chelsea are almost certainly out of the race for a Champions League spot could spur him on to force for a move to Spain in the current transfer window.

David de Gea

While faulty paperwork denied David de Gea a chance to join Real Madrid last summer, one can expect Florentino Perez to renew his interest in the Manchester United star as FIFA slams a transfer ban on the Spanish club.

As reported earlier, David de Gea remained mum over questions regarding a release clause in his new 4-year deal at Manchester United. Should there be such a provision to sign the Spaniard, Real Madrid will be expected to make a move for Manchester United’s goalkeeper that could see Keylor Navas travel in the opposite direction.

David de Gea's future is up  in the air

David de Gea’s future is up in the air

This is not to suggest that Navas’ performance has been anything less than exemplary this season. The Costa Rican has been one of Real Madrid’s best players this season alongside Karim Benzema. However, Madrid’s obsession with signing big names at big prices could see the club move for negotiations with Manchester United.

Edison Cavani

The Uruguayan international has shared a tumultuous relationship with Paris Saint-Germain, manager Laurent Blanc calling him out over his attitude problems. The manager made it clear that the club was experiencing ‘issues’ with the striker as he opened the doors for Cavani to ‘consider other career opportunities.’

Edison Cavani to be shown the door?

Edison Cavani to be shown the door?

While Karim Benzema is on a red-hot streak this season, the controversies surrounding his future could force Real Madrid to consider other alternatives. Devoid of a second striker, Real Madrid have looked woefully out of shape in Benzema’s absence with Benitez unsuccessfully forcing Ronaldo in a No 9 position. Reportedly being targeted by Arsenal and Manchester United both, Cavani would not only provide sufficient cover for any unforeseen injury concerns, he will also be able to take up the striker’s mantle should Benzema be penalised with regards to Valbuena’s allegations. The fact that PSG are open to negotiations could entice Real Madrid to make an offer for Edison Cavani in the coming weeks.

THT Analysis

While the three players might have plausible reasons to secure the transfer this month, it is unlikely that Real Madrid will be able to lure them in the winter transfer window without the complete approval from the parent club. The likes of Manchester United and Chelsea would loathe to lose their star player half way into the season and could instead look to delay the proceedings which will eventually allow them to secure the player for the foreseeable future.

Taking a cue from Barcelona, Real Madrid could also look to contest FIFA’s decision which would enable them to delay the ban and hence invest judiciously over the next summer.

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