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As the La Liga season draws to a close, one saying does come to the mind, ai???The start may be the toughest phase of the journey, but the end is usually the longestai???. It will be a test of nerves for the top 3. With Barcelona faltering at the crucial and critical stage will it be a two way fight between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. It has been an exciting season so far. The usual suspects Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the running for the La Liga title. But the usually subdued side of Madrid, Atletico Madrid has shaken things up this season with their impressive run of form and results. Diego Costa has been almost matching Ronaldo and Messi goal for goal and keeping his team in the title race with the best chance of claiming the crown. It was shaping up to be a three way scrap for the title but with Barcelona faltering at a […]

Another enthralling La Liga season is reaching its climax. The UEFA Champions League is down to the last 4. A mouth watering El ClA?sico in the Copa del Rey final awaits us. One thing thatai??i??s common to all these competition is the coming of age of Real Madrid. Will they end the season on a high by completing a treble of trophies or will they go out with a whimper from all 3 competitions. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure, weai??i??re gonna see some helluva good football. It is no surprise that Real Madrid is competing for the top honors in domestic league football as well as in the European arena. They are at the top end of the La liga table fighting it out with their local rivals Athletico Madrid and long standing rivals FC Barcelona. The Galacticos will meet the latter in the Copa del Rey final which promises to be an all action affair. […]

Letai??i??s face it. Manchester United are having one of their worst ever seasons in the Barclays Premier League. The results have been disappointing, the form has been lackluster, the performances have been below par and there is an air of disappointment, frustration and irritation among the supporters. Can Manchester United and David Moyes recover from this unfamiliarly unsuccessful start to their campaign or has the title already been lost?   Imagine yourself as a hero who has won accolades and appreciation. Now imagine yourself as a hero failing to live up to its reputation and coming short of the expectations that were placed on your once reliable shoulders. Imagine yourself as a helpless spectator watching your hero falter and fall. You just imagined how it feels to be Manchester United. You just imagined how it feels to be David Moyes. You just imagined how it feels to be a Manchester United supporter. Current Form 5 defeats in the Barclays Premier […]

Iker Casillas ai??i?? Will Real Madridai??i??s White Knight Rise Again?

Iker Casillas, the original Galactico, the one club legend and among the finest goalkeepers ever, finds himself sitting on the Real Madrid bench. Surely thatai??i??s not a sight that majority of the Real Madrid and Casillas fans want to see as he has been a constant for Real Madrid all these years. Will he be able to rise from the bench to reclaim his rightful place in the starting 11?   Youai??i??re a defender, your team is down to 10 men and youai??i??ve just been hit on the counter. Youai??i??ve lost your man and he is 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. Who do you wish, the goalkeeper was, that would be able to intimidate the striker and possibly pull off an unrealistic save to keep your team in the match? One would not put many names ahead of Iker Casillas to be that goalkeeper. Iker Casillas is one of the very few goalkeepers across the football universe whose name […]

Leighton Baines v Ashley Cole ai??i?? The Battle To Be The First Choice For England

Leighton Baines has been in excellent form for Everton in this season as well as the past season. With Ashley Cole looking vulnerable at times not only for Chelsea but also for England, it could pave the way for Baines to become the first choice left back for Roy Hodgsonai??i??s side that will fly to Brazil in 2014. Leighton Baines has until now remained the first choice replacement for Ashley Cole for the Three Lions. But a couple seasons including the current one have seen his stock rise, not only at club level but also on the international level. This fact was underlined by the fact that one of the top clubs in Europe, Manchester United came calling for Baines in the summer transfer window. Everton resisted in the summer but they might have to pave way for the move finally in the January transfer window. The question that has been doing rounds in the football fraternity is, who should […]