Inquizitivity: Quiz 7

Inquizitivity brings you another quiz from the repository of questions which led to the troubled childhood of our quiz-master. He has raised the bar a little this time around. Can you make the higher jump, though? Over to TheHardTackle's quiz-master Saurabh Prasad..

Inquizitivity: Quiz 6

Back to weekday boredom after some splendid action, eh? This could be fun! Here's another round of quizzing from our very own QuizMaster at TheHardTackle. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in and be in the running for this month's winner...

Inquizitivity: Quiz 5

Winners announced for last month's quizzing and Inquizitivity for the month of May begins with another mind-boggling question presented to you by THT's Quiz Master. Do you know what he is looking for? Then get quizzing NOW and be this month's champion quizzer..

Inquizitivity: Quiz 4

Inquizitivity is back and so is our Quiz Master Saurabh Prasad with new problems for you to tackle. This time he has a set of ten questions to challenge your footballing knowledge. Are you up for the challenge?

Inquizitivity: Quiz 3

In the third installment of Inquizivity, TheHardTackle's quiz whiz Saurabh Prasad pulls out another googly from his bag of riddles. Who will be the first to solve this brain teaser?

Inquizitivity: Quiz 2

TheHardTackle's quiz freak Saurabh Prasad brings you another mind blogger this week. If you think you know-it-all, test your eyes and deduction skills in this week's pictorial quiz. Quizzing is a sport you play with your mind.

Inquizitivity: Quiz 1

TheHardTackle's quiz master Saurabh Prasad brings to you a brand new weekly quiz at a computer near you! You think you know it all? Then come and tackle our puzzles and pit your wits against other tacklers. Quizzing is as good as a sport, the only difference is we play with our minds!