Here’s a look at Ai??a transfer that shocked many: and how the acquisition of Cesc Fabregas could be pivotal to Chelsea’s title bid. A month away from the end of the transfer window and there has not been an awful lot of absolutely shocking signings, with most clubs acquiring their long-term targets effectively. One signing however, stands out among all the comings and goings of the market. Cesc Fabregas – for as long as he has been around – a perennial rival of Chelsea. Being hurled celery at and having scuffles with Frank Lampard over the years – Fabregas now finds himself as an on-field replacement for that very player he once grabbed by the neck in the popularly-dubbed Snarling Cup final of 2007. His signing has received a mixed response from the Chelsea faithful. Some are stubborn in their stand of not accepting him as anything remotely associated with Chelsea, some are delighted they have signed a quality player […]