The Portuguese Diary ai??i?? September Edition: Porto And Benfica Draw, Sporting On Fire, Portugal Beat Cyprus 4-0

September was a good month for Portuguese football. It started with Portugal getting a crucial 4-0 win in Cyprus, a win that represents a huge step towards the Euro 2012. Besides, Portuguese teams have done very well in Europe during this past month, all of them having very good prospects of advancing to the next stage in their respective competition. The league remains very tight at the top, with Porto and Benfica leading the pack with 17 points each. A lot has happened in Portuguese football since last monthai??i??s edition of the Portuguese, as you will find out below.

La Liga has started in somewhat unusual fashion this season, with newly promoted Betis leading the table and Barcelona and Real Madrid having both dropped points on two occasions each. But any illusion that the league will be competitive at the top is just that: an illusion. It's not a matter of if, but of when Barcelona and Real Madrid will open up a big gap to all the remaining competitors. The difference between the big two and the rest is so huge that there's virtually no chance of anyone else even coming close to winning the league.

This is one of the rare occasions during the La Liga season where football fans are treated to midweek games, and there will surely be some great football in display. The blockbuster is obviously the Valencia vs Barcelona match, with the current league leaders hosting the three-time defending champions, who've annihilated Osasuna 8-0 on the weekend.

This weekend La Liga has started to shape up the title race, with Real Madrid getting an early advantage after FC Barcelona surprisingly tied 2-2 against Real Sociedad, despite being 2-0 up at half-time. Real Madrid beat Getafe 4-2 at home, in a match filled with controversy and they now lead the table along with Valencia and Betis, who have also won their first two matches.