Louis van Gaal finally has something to be happy about, as Manchester United finally beat Swansea 2-1 to end their losing streak, and he took a dig at the Swans after the game, admitting to trolling them with his late substitution.

Whenever a substitution is made during the final stages of a match, the reasons are less about tactics than wasting time for the team who hold the lead. Usually managers don’t confess to such underhanded schemes, but Louis van Gaal is never one to shy away from expressing himself.


He openly admitted to trolling Swansea City by sending on Michael Carrick in place of Ander Herrera during extra time, while accusing the opposition of wasting time throughout the match.

We don’t know what Carrick will think of this though.

Check out the video below for Van Gaal’s post match reactions and watch out for his troll comments right at the end.