[Video] Arsenal FC’s Theo Walcott Reacts To Fan Calling Him Lewis Hamilton On Twitter

Theo Walcott might not be the most popular sportsperson in United Kingdom, but he is certainly quite well known among fans.

However, some people still have mistaken his identity it seems, as one fan (sarcastically it seems) asks him how it felt to win his third Formula One Championship, referring to the fact that Walcott resembles British racing driver Lewis Hamilton.


Now, it was Hamilton who won his third F1 Championship in 2015, and not Walcott. Walcott though, takes the question in the right spirit and gives a sarcastic reply to the fan.

He goes on to describe an anecdote about a time when a fan had actually mistaken him for Hamilton in the street. Here’s the video where the England international reacts to being called Lewis Hamilton by a fan