Petr Cech is one of the most experienced and accomplished goalkeepers in Premier League history, and the former Chelsea FC star recently revealed one of the methods he uses at Arsenal FC to get the best out of the defenders in front of him.


The Czech goalkeeper speaks five languages — Czech, English, Spanish, French and German — and he apparently uses three of those languages to communicate with Arsenal’s back four, which in most cases consists of two Spaniards, a Frenchman and a German.

a I speak to the full-backs in Spanish, to Koscielny in French and to Per in English because for him it is the same as me,” Cech told The Mirror in an exclusive interview.

“He organises people in English. Sometimes foreign players wouldna t know what you say. Thata s when you realise ita s easier to say it in their language than hoping they will understand. It can happen.”

One of the best of all time


Cech recently broke the record for most clean sheets in Premier league history after the Gunners’ 2-0 victory over AFC Bournemouth, with 170 clean sheets to his name now. He revealed that unwavering focus has been the key to his success as a goalkeeper. He also says that a fearless approach is necessary, despite a potentially life-threatening injury during a Premier League match in 2006 that left him needing protective headgear while playing.

“When I play I just play,” Cech said. “I dona t think about it all. If I get injured, I get injured. Thata s the way it is. You cana t avoid things like that… During the game I never think about what happens if I make a mistake. I just play. I concentrate on what I have to every second of the game. Then at the end of the game you can sit down and think a that was good or that was bad.a