Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has set Premier League giants Chelsea FC, Manchester United, and Manchester City on high alert after claiming that he has not renewed his current deal in order to move to Premier League.

The former FC Barcelona boss has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester City of late, with reports also linking him to rivals Manchester United and Chelsea FC.

Guardiola confirms intention of Premier League move

The former FC Barcelona manager did not beat around the bush when asked about his reasons for not renewing the contract with Real Madrid, and went on to confirm that he wants to manage in the Premier League.

Tweets from the presser for Bayern Munich confirmed Guardiola’s next move is to the Premier League.

Where could Guardiola move?

The Spaniard will have no shortage of suitors now that he has signalled his intentions of moving to the Premier League.

Chelsea FC, having sacked Jose Mourinho, have appointed Gus Hiddink as their interim manager, and are on the lookout for a manager to take over permanently from next year.

Manchester United have also been on the lookout for a new manager for next season, with Louis van Gaal’s contract set to expire.Additionally, with the way the side is playing, it is hard to see the Dutchman continuing at Old Trafford.


Manchester City, though, are the side most heavily linked with Guardiola. The riches of Dubai at the disposal of the club means Guardiola will be lured by the money as well as quality at his disposal at the Etihad.

It remains to be seen who wins the battle, but it will take quite something for Chelsea and Manchester United to lure Guardiola away from Manchester City, if they do indeed go after him.