Speaking about Adnan Januzajai??i??s failed loan spell at Borussia Dortmund, manager Thomas Tuchel criticised the Manchester United starlet for failing to show the a desire and attitudeai??i?? needed to develop himself in Germany.

Deemed surplus to Van Gaalai??i??s requirements at Manchester United, Januzaj moved to Borussia Dortmund on loan in a bid to develop his potential. However, the Belgian international found himself relegated to the bench as he eventually returned to his parent club this week.

Januzaj was never completely with us at Dortmund

As reported by The Telegraph, Thomas Tuchel gave a damning verdict on the Belgian international as he claimed that the player lacked the temperament to succeed at Borussia Dortmund.


“It is a pity he did not show the desire and attitude you need to progress at his age. My feeling was that he never was completely with us, that a part of him always stayed in Manchester and he compared everything here with United.

“We were not able to help him to shake that off. They are coming to us to ask for a second chance.”

Adnan Januzaj to start all over again

Following his return to Manchester United, manager Louis van Gaal claimed that he wasnai??i??t surprised to see Januzaj fail at Borussia Dortmund. The Dutchman made it clear that the club wouldnai??i??t roll out the red carpet for Januzaj as the young winger will have to prove his fitness and merit with the second team before progressing to the first team under Van Gaal.

Januzaj must start from scratch at Manchester United

Januzaj must start from scratch at Manchester United

Januzajai??i??s failed spell in Germany means that the highly talented youngster must start from scratch at Manchester United. However, Unitedai??i??s lack of attacking options could prove to be a boon for the Belgian as he is likely to earn more game time at Old Trafford as compared to the 161 minutes he featured in the German Bundesliga.