Manchester United sponsors Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer recently spoke out about the deal between Adidas and the Red Devils, and he said some things Louis van Gaal will probably not like hearing.

Adidas had signed a 10-year kit deal with Manchester United last season worth a record 750 Million pounds and though the sponsors are satisfied with the profits being made and the success of the partnership, it looks like the present style of play at the club has left a sour taste in their mouths.

“This success confirms again that Manchester United is not just a football club,” said Hainer, according to .

“With more than 650 million fans globally it is one of the world’s most supported sports clubs. This special club has not only a rich history but also a reputation for success. Business with Manchester United is going very well, we have sold more shirts than expected.”

“We are satisfied, even if the current playing style is not exactly what we want to see.”

What is van Gaal up to?

Louis van Gaal’s slow style of play has attracted criticism from ex-players, pundits, fans — and now even the sponsors! Although the Red Devils recently broke their winless streak with a victory over Swansea City, they are now hard pressed to have a good run of form after a terrible end to the new year.

These recent comments by the Adidas representative will surely annoy Louis van Gaal, who has previously expressed his frustration at the rumors of his sacking which will only be further fueled by these comments from the influential sponsors of the club.